Saturday, September 25, 2010

Garden Planters

I love gardening but i do not have much time to do weeding & maintenance. Therefore, I personally prefer to use individual garden planter for easy weeding & managing the soil.

Those of you staying in condominiums or apartments with no garden plot to do your gardening, may want to try looking for these variety of planters as another option for creating your own garden.

I've seen many tall apartments/condominiums residents fixing outdoor clothes drying racks right in front of their balcony facing the main roads. This can be an ugly sight, especially in the bigger city areas. Perhaps these condominium owners should try using these decorative planters

or window box planters

to hide the ugly sight of the clothes hanging on the rack and also to beautify that location.
"Balcony gardens are common where people live in apartments or condominiums because colorful, vibrant, charming balcony gardens bring life to city landscapes all summer long. This provides some very tangible benefits to apartment dwellers."

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  1. Your Rigth ..Thats what we called Be stylish by thinking out the amount of space for your Garden Planters location and the look you would want to suggest. Cool colors like light yellow creates a much larger space look. Intense shades, on the other hand, create a tinier space look...