Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ArE yOu mOist enOugh?

1 Malaysia Greetings to All!

How many of you out there (whether you are female or male) wish to have smooth, silky and adequately moist skin like baby's skin? If you are raising your hand to indicate yourself, you are at the right post and at the right time.

Since the day you started on skincare products, you might have heard your beauticians or dermatologists emphasizing the need to always moisturise your skin especially areas such as the neck and hands. You may have the face of an angel but a woman’s age is written all over her hands and neck. I heard of this when I was in my teenage years, from my "Grooming" teacher during one of the extra curriculum activities. Similarly, one can have beautiful nail art done on her nails but if the skin is not moist enough, wrinkles on the hands will spoil the overall look of the hands. For instance the picture below:

To most Malaysians living in this particular hot & humid climate, we are usually expose to Mr. Sun and there's no doubt that most people would admit that their skin is indeed NOT MOIST ENOUGH.

Don't despair

Recognising the need for daily skin hydration and replenishment, Vaseline unveiled its Amazing Skin care range with products designed to meet specific skin care needs:

Total Moisture which ensures 10X more moisturisation and protection, especially for dry skin. Equipped with vitamins E, soy and oats, it infuses sufficient moisture across all layers of skin, leaving adult skin feeling supple and healthy. Ideal for application during the day especially for those spending time in an air-conditioned room all day long.

Intensive Rescue contains Glycerin, which triples moisture and Occlusive, which helps to lock moisture in all day. This advanced formula specifically designed to prescribe strength moisturising to help heal dry skin. This range suits my family and myself ,to be used during bedtime and to counter the dryness from overnight air-conditioning:

I would also use it for my crack heels:

and also on my twin's eczema dry areas especially after their swim.

Aloe Cool and Fresh enriched with aloe vera and cucumber extracts to deliver refreshing hydration. Its light formula ensures skin is smooth and silky while staying nourished. It’s so fresh and I love the aromatic scent which is soooo irresistible. This is ideal for an active day out during travelling or when on vacation.

Healthy White contains yogurt serum and vitamin B3 with triple sunscreen protection to hydrate skin and bring out the healthy fairness & radiance of the skin. This range would be ideal for my freckled skin especially when I’m out in the sun alone or with my family.

The wide range of Amazing Skin from Vaseline offers consumers like me an option to look youthful below my chronological age (age shown in my I.C)!!

The consolation would be when I hear friends and relatives commenting that I don't look like a mother of 4 (in fact some thought I'm single/ no children yet!).
Quote from my friend Susan "You look more like a "Tai Kar Cheh" (Big Sister) than a mother to your 4 kids". These are the PRICELESS compliments you will get when you know the secret to keep your skin moist enough to look younger!
(Sssssh !tell you a secret- I'll forever be in my 30's this year - 2010 my last year to be below 40)

For those NUFFNANGERS who are contest freak/ contest addict just like me, Vaseline is having a contest especially for you Nuffnangers so that you can all celebrate YOUR amazing skin.

All you have to do is tell them – Are You Moist Enough? – in the most creative way possible, and you could win invites to the Celebration of Amazing Skin by Vaseline poolside party, exclusively for Nuffnangers!
Head over to and follow the instructions to submit your blog post, and the 75 best written blog posts will win a pair of invites to the poolside party. That’s not the only thing you stand to win; check out the list of goodies up for grabs:

Best Written Blog Posts
1st Prize – RM3,000 cash + Vaseline products
2nd Prize – RM2,000 cash + Vaseline products
3rd Prize – RM1,000 cash + Vaseline products
5x Consolation Prizes – RM200 cash + Vaseline products

Sounds fun and exciting right?

So remember:
Enough mositure keeps your skin alive; Beautiful skin gives you joy and pride!

Try Vaseline's Amazing Skin range to feel the wonder for both gender;

Come celebrate with Vaseline =the expert in skincare;
- choose from Pink, Yellow , White or Green - anytime, anywhere!

Once you have tried them all (like I do), you will feel the difference in your skin in no time!

That's all I want to share!

Have a colourful day & keep Moist!

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