Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SUPER "Missing Mee Ah!" Spot & Win Contest

Those who had participated in this contest, the good news is the result is out but the bad news is one Chinese "auntie" from Johor won the Grand prize!!(not me though!!)

Received a call frm the staff informing that I won a prize but she couldn't disclose whether I won the congratulatory or consolation prize.

Referring to the contest form (sorry couldn't find a digital copy online), here were the details:

Participate in the SUPER "Missing Mee Ah!" Spot & Win Contest and stand a chance to win:

Grand Prize:

Congratulatory Prize x 10:

Consolation Prize x 25:

To participate, complete the contest form with 2 cups of SUPER Noodles.

Contest forms are available at selected participating supermarkets, hypermarkets and mini markets.

Terms and conditions apply.

Refer to contest form for more details.

Website: (but now under contruction for updating)

To those who won, congrates & good job for answering correctly & lucky to be picked up among 300+++entries received nationwide. !!

Those who took part but didnt win, dnt give up. Do try again & better luck nxt time!

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