Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mission accomplished by 31Aug 09

Yes(holding fist, elbows bend and pulled down in victory!)!! I've managed to complete all the contests with 31Aug datelines.

Sent out a few contests like MILO, Saudi Gold, Ajinomoto, TropicanaTwister Orange Juice, Lagu 1 Malaysia, etc by 31 August 09. Had spent a bomb on postages & envelopes!

Not forgetting some online contests for FEMALE, LG, GSC, Listerine & creative recipe contests.

Praying for some good winnings next, though results would probably be out only in about 3-6 months' time.

Wish me luck!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thanks Dettol for the consolation Hamper worth RM500!

I received a call from the agent few weeks ago informing me that I've won consolation prize for Dettol contest.

Today the courier man was at my doorstep to deliver the hamper I won frm Dettol Best Protection for our family Contest which ran frm 1March to 30 April 2009. Thanks to Mrs.C my neighbour who has kindly accepted & signed on my behalf.

Here's the huge & heavy parcel frm Reckitt Benckiser(M) Sdn Bhd:

And guess what's inside:

What a timely prize for the recent H1N1 pandemic!

I'm truly honoured to be one of the 10 consolation winners picked from all the nationwide contestants who had to answer 4 questions correctly & Describe Dettol in 2 words.

Congratulations to the winners of :
Grand prize: 1 year groceries worth RM15K
1st prize- Groceries Vouchers worth RM10K
2nd prize - Groceries Vouchers worth RM5K
3rd Prize- Groceries Vouchers worth RM3K

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ajinomoto "Eat Well, Be Well" contest winner lists

Dear all compers especially those who took part in the "Eat Well, Be Well" contest, the results are out.

I didnt win the grand prize to Hokaido, but at least I won a consolation prize here.

My luck is not bad after all, to be luckily picked and drawn from a pool of 20,000 entries recieved by the organiser.

Hooray(self pat on my shoulders!!)..will be waiting for my favourite man: the courier man at my door or at least the card which says "I miss u need to pick up your parcel frm our office".

Happy Sunday everyone!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Winning is so fun & rewarding ..though it's just consolation prize!

Thanks to KRAFT's "Name the signature Contest", I had the chance to take part & won a set of English design porcelain set (3 plates of different sizes, oven µwave proof) worth RM138. I'm also lucky that I could collect from the agent in Ipoh instead of going all the way to KL to collectt from the main dealer. The shop is situated at Sation 18 where the shoplots were quites new & not fully occupied yet. This shop called RC trading sells lots of nice household, furniture accesories stuff & they are very reasonably priced.

Though it's just a consolation prize...the feel of winning superceded the value of the prize!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Comping makes me a better person in recycling

Ever since I took part in contests 5 years ago, I've learnt to be a better person in recycling in the process of collecting labels, barcodes, Tetrapacks, aluminium cans tabs, etc. Isn't that great?

Today I sorted out the proof of purchases & trying to meet my contest datelines for contest ending end of august. Wish me luck!

Which Hyundai R U contest result is out!

To those who have taken part in this contest, check out the result here:

Hyundai has already got a winner.

The WINNING PICTURE- trip to Europe worth RM38,000.

What do you think of the result? Personally I'm disappointed for not winning the voters' entry (Apple iPod touch). However if i were amongst the judges, I think this winning pic stands out among all but I am still wondering whether the photographer violted one of the condition that he should be in the photo.

Well perhaps he was really creative..the condition says the participant should be in the photo. Well he was..only thing his face was anonymous! Pretty creative wasnt he? Mayeb he deserves to win afterall.

Congrates to the winner LI KUNG LAU for winning the trip to Europe worth RM38,000.

Share with me your opinions.

A new blog is born!

Today, out of no particular reason I just feel like creating another blog to compile posts on contest and comping. A different taste from my main blog which jots down events about my family & my 4 lovely kids.

Since one of my hobbies are taking part in contest, I shall devote this blog for everything about me & my contests participation & winning.

Hope to have mmore time to continue this addictive comping hobby & of course more winnings, too!