Monday, August 30, 2010

Online Maths Tutoring

Maths is one of the subjects I used to fear & dislike in school.

Perhaps things would have been different if I had found this online tutoring way back during my school and college days.

At least kids these days have the options of online tutoring such as TutorVista's online tutoring which can help them ace topics in the following Maths Subject:

1) Pre Algebra,
2) Algebra equations,
3) "How to divide"
4)Standard Form (Standard form is a way of writing down very large or very small numbers easily.)

5) Slope Formula (The slope can be defined as the tangent of the angle the line makes with the x-axis or the derivative of a function, )
6)Math Word Problems

At the end of the tutorial students are given Maths Practice Test to help them study more in less time and also to check the math knowledge they have gained. The test will test their mathematical skills and can be written in many ways based on the topics; few topics only need general calculations and few need complex calculations. After completing the test, it gives out the result based on the student's performance.

Would you consider signing up your kids for such online tutoring if you are a busy mom who does not have time and not so skillful in Maths like me?

Address Plaques, Numbers & Signs

During recent public holiday of Nuzul Quaran, hubby decided to spend some time taking us round to see nearby showhouses and some new residential area with newly built bungalows & houses.

Some of these big bungalows and houses have address plaques which are rather unique and nice. Some of the address plaques and numbers were pretty cool and stylish.

After seing those address signs, address plaques and numbers, I was inspired to get something unique for my own home.

After searching through the internet, I found out that these address plaques generally come in three sizes: petite, standard and estate. Petite size address signs are smaller and are a perfect fit for smaller areas and doors like my home.

Standard size address signs are larger and may display extra lines of text.

Estate size address signs are the largest and work well for larger sized homes or yards where a large-scale sign will better accent the home.

This search also gave me a new idea of what to get for a friend's housewarming or rather "bungalow warming" next month. Perhaps I will get more ideas of these sorts here.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Transforming Trash To Bags!

The Milo packagings and barcodes which I've been saving & accumulating all these months for the MILO contest.

Trash turned into rewarding redemptions: useful MILO bags for myself & my kids.
Aren't they lovely?

August is the last month for redemption. So quick grab a contest form and redeem your bags or football now!For more info , click MILO website here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy moment during the JAcker Kickoff Contest Prize Giving in Malacca!

In addition to my previous post on our winning:

Here are some of the pics taken before and after the prize giving ceremony of the Jacker KickOff Contest:

Hoping & praying hard we could win this Grand prize:

but we only won the 1st prize: Modernas CT100 Bike (10 winners all together)

Jacker Grand prize winner: Proton Exora (1 unit)

2nd prizes : 42 inch LG LCD TV (10 prizes..not all winners photos are here)

Finally a photo of all the happy winners who came from all over Malaysia like Pahang, Johor, Ngr Sembilan, Perak, Selangor, Penang, Alor Setar, etc!:

Click here for the complete winner list.

Syabas & congratulations to all winners.
Thanks to my boy Dennis who brought me luck because this entry won using his name and he is the youngest during the prize presentation.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Jalan Jalan Cari Kawan Contest

Grand Prize:
4D/3N trip to Hong Kong for 2 persons

2nd Prize:
LG Home Theatre System

3rd Prize x 2:
Compaq Laptop

4th Prize x 3:
PSP Go Video Camera

Weekly Grand Winner x 1 winner x 8 weeks:
RM1,000 cash

Weekly Consolation Winner x 3 winners x 8 weeks:
RM250 cash voucher

Terms and conditions apply.

Visit website for more details.

For more detailed info, please visit:


The results are out here.

So happy that I've won a lappy for the best slogan category. Thks Kawan!

The prize giving ceremony will be this Thursday at Subang Jaya.

Congrates to all winners!

Jacker Kickoff Contest 2010

The results for the top 21 prizes was announced today.

V didnt win the Grand prize Proton Exora full spec but instead our entry won the 1st prize which is a Modernas CT100 Motorbike. The 2nd prize is a LCD TV. The rest of the prizes were yet to be drawn. Here are the prizes.

There were winners from all over Malaysia like Selangor, Perak, Johor , Negeri Sembilan, Pahang & Penang.

Though we had to drive about 4.5 hours to Malacca to collect the prize frm the sponsor Oriental Food Factory(situated in Malacca), it was all worth it.

Thks Jacker!