Monday, August 30, 2010

Address Plaques, Numbers & Signs

During recent public holiday of Nuzul Quaran, hubby decided to spend some time taking us round to see nearby showhouses and some new residential area with newly built bungalows & houses.

Some of these big bungalows and houses have address plaques which are rather unique and nice. Some of the address plaques and numbers were pretty cool and stylish.

After seing those address signs, address plaques and numbers, I was inspired to get something unique for my own home.

After searching through the internet, I found out that these address plaques generally come in three sizes: petite, standard and estate. Petite size address signs are smaller and are a perfect fit for smaller areas and doors like my home.

Standard size address signs are larger and may display extra lines of text.

Estate size address signs are the largest and work well for larger sized homes or yards where a large-scale sign will better accent the home.

This search also gave me a new idea of what to get for a friend's housewarming or rather "bungalow warming" next month. Perhaps I will get more ideas of these sorts here.

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