Saturday, December 25, 2010


School holidays & Christmas holidays are the time we enjoy most , taking our kids for holidays.

My kids love swimming, so most of the time we will end up at places with theme park or swimming pools, while hub and myself can also have some time in the gym if available.
The first thing I would look out for is whether there are any Lockers available.Since there are so many of us, we would need at least a locker each for my girls and boys. The clubhouse we normally frequent on vacations has very nice gym lockers as well as wood lockers for shoes.

I noticed that our local schools whether primary or secondary in Malaysia seldom have school lockers for their students.If only they have, students can have less books to carry based on their lessons timetable.

Perhaps, year end is the best time to look for lockers for sale to grab great bargains.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

School Holiday Online Games for my Kids

School holidays were here for almost more a month now.

My kids still had to go to daycare because their parents got to work. Besides having a 9-5 job, I also have been blogging for money and receiving compensation for writing posts, too.

In that blogging process, I stumbled upon 2 online games - boxhead 2 and age of war. I told my kids about them and they got so excited. Since it's school holidays , I allow them to go online and play a few games during weekends and after their tuition classes.