Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Super comes back with ‘Missing Mee Ah!’ contest

This contest gives you chance to win irresistible cash prizes totalling RM15,000.
ATTRACTIVE OFFER: Customers stand a chance to win cash prizes totalling RM15,000 in the ‘Missing Mee Ah!’ contest.

Simply purchase any two cups of Super Cup Noodles, attach the two cup lids on the contest forms and you are on your way to win prizes. The mechanics of the contest is very simple. Spot and count the missing icons hidden in the contest picture. The icons are Super Logo, Curry Noodles and Fork, in which you just have to write the correct number on the contest form behind it, along with your personal particulars.

Every Super Cup Noodles comes with a fork inside for your eating convenience. You can enjoy it in the comfort of your home, office and convenient stores easily. Super Cup Noodles is available in popular flavours such as Curry, Chicken, Tom Yam, Vegetarian, Prawn and Seafood, Spicy Kimchi, Black Pepper Crab, Mee Goreng and Sesame Chicken. All the noodles are certified halal and manufactured under the strictest quality control.

The contest closing date is July 15. Contest forms are available at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and other retail outlets throughout Malaysia. All the other details are printed on the contest forms.

The Jacker KickOff Contest

The closing date for the above contest was 15 July 2010.

The details of the contest and the prizes can be viewed here..

The top 21 winners will have their prizes drawn in Malacca on Monday 2 August 2010.
The rest of the prizes will be given out later.Goodluck to all who has taken part!

Gatorade shell contest prize

Called the organiser few weeks back and they refuse to send my gift (an Adidas shoe bag ) via courier. So had to trouble a relative to collect it for me since I am from outstation and nt frm KL.

Cant blame them, now that the local postages have all doubled up. :(

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gatorade Contest at Shell

Received a letter frm the organiser congratulating me that I've won a Special prize ...adidas shoe bag.

Have yet to collect my prize. Planning to call them to send as it's not wrth travelling all the way to KL to collect it.

Will post the pic once i recieve the Special gift.