Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nuffnang -Vaseline Contest winners at Luna Bar

In my earlier participation in the Vaseline- Are you moist Enough contest (by Nuffnang) here, I made it to the Luna Bar Party with the rest of the 75 contest winners whose post were selected as the 75 best written blog posts.

Here are some pics taken during the of "Celebration of Amazing Skin" cocktail party by Vaseline:

The Luna bar with backdrop by sponsor Vaseline.

Pic the the beautiful Celebrity Jojo Struys

My kids would love the pool

Winners and their partners mingling around

Beautiful night scene frm the poolside

Yuna and her band performing by the poolside with beautiful background of Twin tower

Shorlisted winners of the "Most Vibrant Skin". The winner was the lady in green outfit.

Top 3 and consolation winners for this contest(pic courtesy of theeggyolk (who was the 2ndrunner up)

My pleasure to cam with the 2nd & 3rd prize winners (whom I earlier predicted would win big!!)

Me with The 2nd prize winner Ave (Ave is gorgeous & pleasure to get to knw u, Ave)

With The 2nd runner up The EggYolks

The full result is here:
1st prize: (

2nd prize: (
3rd prize: (
Consolation prize: (
Consolation prize: (
Consolation prize: (
Consolation prize: (
Consolation prize: (

Congratulations to all the winners!

Though I didn't make it to the top3 and consolation prizes, this was a great experience for me and my hubby who drove me all the way there from Ipoh to KL when we win a pair of invites to the poolside party.

Thks had a good time looking at all the beautiful girls didnt you?

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  1. =D hope to see u in more events in the future! send my regards to your husband and kids k! XD