Monday, November 15, 2010


Lately due to the rainy season, I noticed that our mails in the mailbox have been getting wet due to the splash from the heavy rain.

I guess it's time for us to look for more reliable mailboxes which are more hardy & durable as well as more "waterproof". Then came some information which I searched and found about ecco mailboxes. One particular simple yet nice looking ecco wall mounted mailbox which I like from the whole range of slick & elegant mailboxes here is this one from the ecco e4 mailbox range:

Besides this ecco mailbox, there are many more beautiful designs to choose from to suit your preference and your home design.

If you prefer the Victorian style, take a look at this ecco e6 mailbox designs.
For those metallic lovers, you may choose from the ecco e7 mailbox range.
There are also the tower designs of mailboxes which are suitable for bungalows or commercial sites which you can view under the category of ecco e8 mailbox.

So which design would you prefer?

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